Ultimate Douche – Clear Douche


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The CalExoticsreg; Ultimate Douchetrade; is exactly as described ndash; the ultimate anal douche apparatus.With the douche inhand, you can be confident that you are maintaining the highest standard of anal hygiene ndash; any concerns about cleanliness can be left at the door with our premium anal douche. This fully reusable anal douche system is easy to dismantle, meaning that you can clean it quickly and easily, and the sturdy construction means that your unit is built to last. It features a completely transparent bottle, allowing the user to gauge exactly how much water is in the douche. Not only is it hygienic, but it is also incredibly safe to use, so you have full peace of mind when using our product. This superior cleaning system comes complete with two attachments, allowing you a number of options when it comes to douching. Opt for the more discreet, easy to use, smaller attachment when time is of the essence, or use the larger attachment when using your Ultimate Douchetrade; as part of your water play experience. Remarkable thrills await with this product, designed to knockknockknock at your back door. The peak of sensual anal pleasure is all yours. As simple to dissemble as it is easy to use, you#39;ll find cleaning a snap.



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