When first starting out with anal sex, you may have previously been turned off of the concept of butt sex due to the potential or experienced odours emitted. Thankfully, Bad Girls Advice have got you covered.
Now, i bet you’re thinking…well OK i want to try this!. For starters, anal douching, using a small pointed tip, filled with warm water is pumped from the bulb, squirting inside your rectum for a moderate anal cleanse.

Here at #BGA Central, we have all your needs and wants covered within the Anal Douches selections from slimline travel packs to curved bulbous sensations anal play choices.

And also cater to the more confident professional range of shower attachment douches for the ultimate hygienic butt sex preparation.

Sometimes girls, you may be feeling like your pussy may need a clean out. STOP!…If you start douching up into your lady bits, you’re opening up to washing away the vagina’s own natural protection held within.

If you’re concerned about pussy odours, there’s certain tell tale signs of what is going on. Straight up, old jizz within can become odourous. It’s like Clash of The Titans, where the beneficial bacteria’s are in conflict. Then there’s the Yeasty Cheesy fanny where candida/thrush may be saying hello. Luckily, both you and partner can be treated with over the counter creams and replace good bacteria with products like “Inner Health”

If there’s a fishy rotton odour, it might be next level bacterial vaginosis, where it can be due to over shower douching (nuns love shower heads!) and introduction of gram negative bacteria that may have entered via hands, toys…vegetables…you get the idea! Link for more info > Basically this condition is best seen to by a GP for anti-biotics, where then, in the rare occasion, Iodine douching may be required only with strict doctor instructions.

Get it checked out! you never know, when you could be looking down the barrel of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and specialized bacterial invaders.

Heads up, washing your vagina and penis is important, but don’t over wash!, your mu mu has it’s own cleaning system! just use gentle PH balanced cleansers (yes, we have these too on offer) to clean on outside and flappy areas finished with great thorough rinsing. Same with you blokes too!, goddamn wash that cock!

Don’t forget to sterilize your butt toys after use!. 10 minutes Anti-Bacterial Soap, then rinse. Or if on label, boil for 5 minutes with the medical grade Silicone Douches for a more thorough clean.