You’ve tried some butt plugs, probes fingers…the carrot and like them, but you’re thinking Gee Wizz, i just want more more more!..

Here at #BGA Central, we are here to serve you up some juicy anal expand and inflate butt plugs.

You may be wondering how the fuck can i get this Christmas tree thing up there?. Well Looks can be deceiving! The expand silicone anal plugs are a medium density feel, meaning these babies flex well and then once inside revert and fill your butt like no other.

In this new age of technology, anal inflating sex toys have come a long way with regards to materials used in manufacturing. Yes, you can still get the older fashioned latex expander toys (Looking at you Fanny Hills…) however silicone has primed up to become a stronger more flexible and body safe option.

With the use of basic blood pressure bulbs, these toys inflate to your desire, then are easily deflated with a simple push of a button.

If you’re wanting to go fancy pants, try the inflating and vibrating battery or even USB charged butt plugs for even more intensity.

As with all sex toys be gentle with them, no pulling or tugging at it like a saggy ballsack, these inflate toys can tear if if not properly cleaned and especially dried after use with a cornstarch powder.

Although the idea of an oiled asshole is amazing, these toys basically have “oil allergies”, where you should only use water based lubricants.