Welcome to the world of Anal Plugs & probes!. Here at Bad Girls advice Central, not only do we cater for the average asshole, but your very own special ming ming. No two anal sex toys are alike, just like your butt!.Starting out in the anal play arena, getting to know your body intimately by yourself with finger fun is a great way to explore and gauge what sort of probe/plug may suit you.

Did you find it was very tight and painful?, that’s normal. It’s your outer sphincter muscle clenching, letting you know “hey there, i’m holding my shit together mighty fine!”

If after you get through this tight barrier, be it from relaxing your butt as you get used to the sensation and liking it, or aided by numbing lotions, things can progress…

Like Ali Baba’s cave, “Open Sesame!” and you’re ready for the anal exploration to truly begin.
Some anal sextoys are designed/shaped for plugging, where it’s a rounded flat base, where you can happily sit and be a plugged potato.
Then there’s the more active types that involves motion with plugging by means of suction bases to back onto.

Like Darwins evolution, anal sextoys have also evolved with more bumpy bits, curves and ergonomically shaped smile bases for double penetration and progress to different densities, smoothness and size!

materials made of pvc, tpr, tpe, silicone, to the non porous pyrex glass and stainless steel make for the best quality in terms of hygienic and body safe use.

Remember to always be mindful of what you’re wanting to insert.

Hospitals love showing off their ‘stuck in ass’ x-rays at parties of their toy car collections to full size baby powder bottles. If you want to probe, always have a base stopper or curve as well as a towel handy to keep hands dry as not many know that: the second sphincter within the rectum can suck toys right up there uncontrolled, so play fun and play safe…