Featuring and highly endorsed by us here at Bad Girls Advice Central the Earthly Body Selections: a range of massage candles, edible massage oils and more! Earthly Body uses natural ingredients – no mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens. Earthly Body’s products are 100% Vegan, drug-free and cruelty-free, and they are on PETA’s coveted and highly regarded No Test List. One of the major ingredients used by Earthly Body is Hemp Seed Oil.Hemp seed oil is renowned for its skin moisturising and rejuvenating properties and has the highest concentration of essential fatty acids (EFAs) of any essential oil, as well the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 EFAs. Essential fatty acids have the ability to enter directly into the lipid layers of skin cells, replenishing the oils that are missing due to sun exposure, poor nutrition or neglect; and as shown by clinical studies can actually slow down the aging effects on skin. Throughout history the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil have been used as a soothing restorative to dry, damaged skin. The replenishing nutrients of hemp seed oil are able to penetrate deep into skin cells – providing natural emollients and a lasting barrier to moisture loss – increasing the skin’s natural capacity for moisture retention. Science has proven that hemp seed oil is good for the body and skin. Once you experience the hemp benefits in Earthly Body’s products, we think you’ll agree . The old days of using mineral oils within the vagina as a lubricant has now shown to be a dangerous practice. Petrolatum and mineral oils can be still be used as massage therapy and anal play with caution. Using natural sourced massage oils are scented, long lasting and add to the foreplay sensual experience. Dripping candles are great in that they have a low melting point in that they can be dripped onto to skin and then massaged for sex play. Oils are a perfect product for skin to skin sensuality, however be cautious when using any sex toys with them as ultra realistic dildos and silicone sex toys can degrade fast and can cause a chemical reaction. If in doubt, try our massage Lubricants that are water based, with glycerin ingredients listings as a guide that it is water based and therefore safe to use in massage and sextoys.